Visiting the Hopi Villages

The Hopi welcome you as visitors to their ancient land.  However, for your visit to be an enjoyable one, please click here and carefully read the information. .
. Mileage, directions and weather Mileage from key cities (1 mile = approximately 1.6 kilometers) Albuquerque, New Mexico - 246 miles Denver, Colorado - 630 miles Las Vegas, Nevada - 379 miles Los Angeles, California - 593 miles Phoenix, Arizona - 271 miles Sedona, Arizona - 185 miles Tucson, Arizona - 333 miles Driving directions from Phoenix, Arizona Take Interstate 17 North to Flagstaff (144 miles) Take Interstate 40 East and drive to Winslow (58 miles) In Winslow take the Second Mesa exit to State Road 87 North Drive to Second Mesa (71 miles)

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